Suggested Changes to the Constitution: Voting Membership

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Suggested Changes to the Constitution: Voting Membership

Postby Cannar Wilm » 29 Jul 2016, 10:29

4.2. Voting membership
4.2.1 Voting members are those members that have visited the club twelve* (see 4.2.2) times in the 12 months previous to compiling the full membership list and are in 'good standing' with the club.
4.2.2 The number of visits will be pro rata'd if attendance information is missing or if club nights are cancelled.
4.2.3 Voting membership gives the right to vote in annual election of committee members and other votes called for by the committee
4.2.4 A member in good standing may ask the committee for special dispensation to be a voting member even if they haven't visited the club enough times to qualify. Examples of reasons why special dispensation may be granted may include: Legitimate reasons for long absence (illness, university) or long time service to the club. Other reasons can be considered on a case by case basis.
4.3.1 A membership list will be compiled to use in the annual voting for club committee positions. This would normally take place just before the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
4.3.2 This membership list will be made public, usually on the clubs internet forum, just before any voting takes place.
4.4.1 A membership list may be compiled on request at any time; by a successful committee vote or by petition of at least 10 members

* The number of visits needed to be a voting member is under consideration and may change.
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