Skirmish 16/03/14

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Skirmish 16/03/14

Postby Matt Hudson » 21 Jan 2014, 11:19

Hi all,

We've got two tables booked for Skirmish on the date above.

Hugh will be running a WFB game in the Bring and Buy area and we have a 6' by 6' booked for the main hall for 40k.

Therefore can people please let me know if they can attend. Hoping that Dave will be organising it if he is available.

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Re: Skirmish 16/03/14

Postby David Shea » 21 Jan 2014, 11:56

Alright guys, more than happy to run something on the wargaming side of things. What BIG models do we have? Could we do Tau walkers (riptides and suits) allied with Eldar Wraithknights versus Tyranid Monstrous creatures? (AKA Pacific rim 40k)
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Re: Skirmish 16/03/14

Postby Stu Hills » 21 Jan 2014, 12:35

I should be free, I have one wraithknight, three wraithlords, a wraithseer and a revenant if we want a really big model... will get me motivated to do some painting
Stu Hills
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