Suggested Changes to the Constitution: voting

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Suggested Changes to the Constitution: voting

Postby Cannar Wilm » 29 Jul 2016, 09:40

8.7.6. The ballot slips will list all nominees for each position, option to vote for “None of the above” plus an option to abstain from the vote.
8.7.7. If a position has 2 or fewer candidates, voting members will simply select their preferred candidate, choose to abstain or choose 'none of the above'.
8.7.8. If a position has 3 or more candidates, voting members will rank their choices in order. The winner will be decided using the "Alternative Voting" system. A "None of the above" option and an "Abstain" option will also be included.
8.7.9 In the event of a tied vote, the concerned candidates will be given a platform to speak at the AGM and then a hand ballot of members present will be taken to resolve the tie. If this does not break the tie, the new committee will make the decision.
8.7.10. In the event that a majority votes for “none of the above” for any position, the election for that position will be declared void and new candidates sought.
8.7.11. The results of the election will be declared at the AGM.
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