Sunday 40k Tournament

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Would you attend a 40k Tournament on a Sunday if one was organised?

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Sunday 40k Tournament

Postby Matt Hudson » 10 Nov 2012, 19:45

Just out of interest how many members would be up for a Sunday tournament?

This is just a quick poll to see what the interest would be. Would be a trial run for some inter club events. However would need at least 8 of us to cover the hire of the hall with a possible subsidy from the club or something..

There is no commitment at this stage so would like to hear people's thoughts as well please...
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Re: Sunday 40k Tournament

Postby Stu Hills » 10 Nov 2012, 20:11

Sounds good to me!
Stu Hills
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Re: Sunday 40k Tournament

Postby Cannar Wilm » 11 Nov 2012, 19:17

We've done these before, alongside the Magic Events. Saves on hall costs. There isn't a big Magic/Warhammer crossover (sorry Matt) so would probably be viable.
Cannar Wilm
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