Update for August from the Chairman

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Update for August from the Chairman

Postby Matt Hudson » 26 Aug 2012, 17:35

Hi all,

First things first, welcome to the new GGG Forum. We still have a few things here in the forum and on the main site that we are sorting out (mainly due to my bad proof reading, my excuse is that I teach maths not english...). Massive thanks to Ashley for get us up and running.

Anyway so what have the committee been up to?

Well we have had the draft of the new club logo that you will soon see. A professional artist friend of Glens has been working on this and the drafts look good so expect to see it soon here and on the website soon.

The second piece of news is that we have also sourced a place to have polo style t-shirts printed for us once we have the logo finished. These look like that they are going to cost somewhere between £13 and £18 depending on what you want printed on the t-shirt apart from the club logo. We aren't going to commission a bulk purchase of these as you have to have one size and order 50+ to get a significant saving on these. More details will appear here as soon as the logo is finalised :-)

We have also had a request from Dave S for some 40k canal sections from Wayland Games. As soon as these are released (which if I remember correctly is at the end of Sept) we will get some in; although we will need some volunteers to paint them... I'll post a link here to them the next time I log into the Facebook group but there is a link there if you want to have look in the meantime.

That's it for now but as ever if you have any questions track me down on a Wednesday night, message me here or send me an email.

Matt H
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Matt Hudson
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