Minutes for committee meeting 27/04/16

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Minutes for committee meeting 27/04/16

Postby Iceshard » 07 May 2016, 01:59

Gravesend Gamers Guild
Committee meeting

Last meeting Action points
Progress is being made with the website, more to follow
A Journeyman Warma-hordes tournament is being arranged
Updates to the tablet were not possible
Skirmish should be aimed at networking, any further objective isn't required

Treasurers report
Held in bank - £1156.16
Help in cash - £146
Held in pay pal - £8

funds raised from skirmish - £101.15
funds raised from bring + buy - £23.51

PayPal is now in use however it is under question due to a lack of members making use of the facility
Funds raised from skirmish are to be donated to the Charity event in support of SUDEP, the event is being held in remembrance of Edward Hughes on Monday 2nd May in Milton Keynes. An additional £25 will be added on behalf of the club as a gesture of support.
The custom designed TCG playmat has been completed and is being distributed among TCG players
Game representative role where discussed with the aim to define and improve their support of the club. It was suggested that reps consider arranging weekend events and asking their players what they may appreciate. This is a task in which each rep should give consideration

Other Business and important dates

Nominations for elections should be made by 29th June - 6th July
Voting will take place on 13th and 20th July
AGM to be held on 27th July
Feedback for the website is positive, this is a first draft and more work will follow

Action Points
Emily – minutes from all previous meeting posted to forum
Committee – ideas of events and tasks the reps can organise would be a help
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