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2014 40k Tournament

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2014, 10:32
by David Shea
Groups (updated 18/12/2014)

Group 1 Completed: 1st Robin Archer, 2nd place Baz

Robin Archer (seeded) 9pts

Del 4pts

Baz 8pts

Jack :: DROPPED ::

Group 2 Completed: 1st place: Rob Smith, 2nd Place, Nathan Hoyle.

Nathan Hoyle (seeded) 14pts

Dave S 12pts

Chris H 6pt

Rob Smith 16pts

Group 3 Completed: 1st place: Matt Bowden, 2nd Place, Matt Cottis.

Matt C 2pt

Richard Greenfield :: DROPPED ::

Matt B 6pts

Group 4 Completed: 1st place: James Johnson, 2nd Place, Ryan Sedge.

Iain Moor 6pt

James Johnson 12pts

Ryan 6pts

Re: 2014 40k Tournament

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2015, 12:26
by David Shea
Results for the knockout stages:

Quarter Final Robin Archer VS Matt Cottis

Winner: Robin Archer

Quarter Final James Johnson VS Nathan Hoyle

Winner: James Johnson

Quarter Final Matt Bowden VS Ryan Sedge

Winner: Matt Bowden

Quarter Final Rob Smith VS Baz

Winner: Rob Smith

Semi Final: Robin Archer VS James Johnson

Winner: Robin Archer

Semi Final: Matt Bowden VS Rob Smith

Winner: Rob Smith

Final: Rob Smith VS Robin Archer