How its run

First, come and visit us to see for yourself, you can see where to find us on the when and where page! go click that link. Weekly games usually involve Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes and Magic the Gathering, however, several members play other systems like X-Wing, Battletech, Tanks! Basically, anything goes so come down and have a look round! Your first week is free, but after that it is £2 p/week with concessions for the unemployed, retired and students.

You may be wondering how the club is maintained, well don’t panic! I’m here to tell you! we have a special committee chosen by the players for the players and this vote happens usually around June/July, each member of the committee is responsible for certain areas of the club and its running.

The positions in the committee are as follows:

Chairman – Deals with the week by week running of the club and maintains order over the chaos, leads the committee and ensures committee members are supporting the players (Thus he owes us a drink or two on the committee)

Club Secretary – Takes the minutes of all the committee meetings and ensures they are made publicly available for all the player base (Many pens have been broken in the struggle of minute taking)

Treasurer – Deals with the finances and ensures collections are completed by the committee on a weekly basis to ensure the pub fees are paid as well as ensures club specific purchases are completed. (A master of the purse strings they keep the coffers full of gold, sometimes silver…)

TCG Rep – This role is where the Magic (Ooh puns!) happens if your a card gamer come say hello to our TCG rep and be introduced to our card gaming players and prepare for a duel of the decks! the TCG rep is responsible for running all our Magic events and ensuring any players issues are dealt with as well as organising our TCG supplies and tournaments, they will also let you know which format is running each week in the case of Magic the Gathering.

Wargames Rep – In the grim darkness (especially if the stage lights are off when they arrive) the Wargames rep is responsible for organising our many wargames events, they also tirelessly sort out the terrain boxes and organise tournaments for the player base, come say hello to them and they will spend countless hours explaining why their faction needs buffs!

The current committee members are as follows:

Chairman – Mr Matt Hudson

Club Secretary – Miss Reira Granger

Club Treasurer – Mr Glenn White

TCG Rep – Miss Jenni Rolfe

Wargames Rep – Mr Keith Nolan